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Check this out Reader πŸ‘€,

The STR Virtual Summit For Women starts one week from today and it is $100 off through Friday. GET A TICKET! (this is tip # 1)

This summit is PACKED with actionable, live workshops for every stage of host. (even if you don't have a property yet.) I'm not only presenting but also participating in all of the networking events and sitting in on several workshops about investing, revenue management, hospitality and more.

Last year, I was SUPER jealous because I wasn't asked to participate in this amazing event, from one of my favorite experts Stacey St. John. (if you don't know her, and you are a female vacation rental / STR Biz Owner, check out her group - The Female Short Term Rental Investors on Facebook.)

Well, after the event, I bought the recordings and WOW. It was amazing material - not only for investors but for hosts starting out and those who had been in the business for years.

Afterward I reached out to Stacey to tell her how great it was and that I would love to be part of it. We had a great call and... she hired me to re-design her websites for her Property Management Company - Kozy Getaways and Stayinmyrtlebeach.com and RentalsinHockingHills.com

Then, she asked me to be on her Podcast!

Then, she asked me to present to her paid community!

Then she asked me to help her with some marketing!

Then.. she asked me to present live at her event, The STR Virtual Summit For Women - SCORE!! - I'll be presenting on the 2nd day, Tuesday, January 24th. I'm going to share a training about creating a 90-day Marketing Plan (using social media, Facebook ads and email marketing)


You can tell, I'm super impressed with all things Stacey St. John, but that's because I have found her to be a wealth of knowledge and support for hosts and investors. Even if you don't join the Summit, you can check out her other resources. :)


Tip #2

Did you know Book Direct Day is coming up in February?

Every year I share ideas for how you can promote Book Direct Day to your guests, but many people make the mistake of only sharing information on that one day, when really you can share leading up to the event. Let your local paper know about booking directly, share in community Facebook groups, write a blog post and share with previous guests, and promote reasons people should book directly across your social media.

Want some ideas - including already written captions, emails and a press release / blog post you can make your own?

​Check out this blog post. ​


Tip #3

Did you know you can start blogging even without a website?

Blogging is seriously one of the best ways to generate FREE traffic to your website, build your authority as a helpful host AND show your website visitors you have the perfect rental property for them.

And, with Chat GPT and other AI software, blogging is easier than ever (if you know how to use those tools.)

I have been sharing lots of tips lately on building out a Content Marketing Map / Blogging Action Plan and have put together several resources in a toolkit -

Here's just some of what's inside the Content Mapping Toolkit:

Content Mapping Workshop

  • Content Mapping Video Overview
  • Content Mapping Spreadsheet
  • Content MindMap (Canva Template)
  • Checklist for sharing great content
  • 25 Blog Post Ideas
  • The Perfect Blog Post Outline
  • Blog Post Repurposing Guide
  • Chat GPT Prompts For Blogging
  • Video Overview of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

And, in February, I'll be doing a workshop on using Keyword Research for content & SEO free (usually $79) to anyone who buys the Toolkit before then. It's a STEAL (only $79!)

Not sure you need this? Check out the podcast I did recently - Three Reasons You Need A Blog ASAP ​

If you're still not sure, reply to this email, and we can set up a free call to discuss the best options for marketing your vacation rental business!


PS - Have questions? Reply to this email and I'll do my best to help you.


Work with me!

Your vacation rentals are badass... why isn't your website? Get in touch & let's change that!


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