Are you making these vacation rental website mistakes???

publishedabout 2 years ago
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Hey Reader,

Do you have a vacation rental website?

If you want to book direct, that is the FIRST step!

As a vacation rental website designer, I've seen a ton of websites that aren't using the best design, functionality and copywriting strategies.

And, to be honest, a bad website is bad for business. Not only does it affect the trust your website visitors have in your brand, but it also can hurt your SEO. Which is one of the reasons you have a website in the first place.

I know how hard it is... there's just so much to know and learn.

A few months ago I spoke to Heather Bayer on her podcast, Vacation Rental Formula all about website mistakes I see frequently

One of her favorites "Your website should not feel like an episode of hoarders!"

And that's just one of the tips I share in a recent blog post.

Check it out - >> Vacation Rental Website Mistakes Checklist

You'll also find a handy list of website tools I use and recommend!

Let me know if you plan to make any changes to your website soon.

Talk to you later,


PS - check out the post, but if you prefer audio, I link the post to the podcast where I cover 10 of these mistakes.

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