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publishedover 2 years ago
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Happy holiday season!

It's been such a YEAR hasn't it?

For me, it's still in that "horror movie" category of weirdness. Remember the Twilight Zone? Well it just happened...and we were ALL there freaking out.

BUT, we are just 10 days out from a brand-new year...

And I'm sure you're excited, as is most of the world.

But as we enter 2021, I'd like to ask you to think about an important question...

What is your social media marketing plan for 2021?

One of my favorite quotes is, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail".

In fact, I updated it for myself - "The quickest way to lose is to not plan how to win!"

So many times I see vacation rental owners in the various groups or talk to clients who tell me, "social media doesn't work."

Their biggest problem is:

  • knowing what to post
  • knowing when to post
  • planning their posts in advance
  • getting their followers to engage with their content & book their property

That's why I created my Social Media Suitcase! A planning and content creation tool just for Vacation Rental Owners & Property Managers. It's PACKED full of goodness including:

  • 12-month calendar with holidays, special recognition days, and daily prompts for you to use to plan out your content; PLUS
  • 200+ specific content ideas with image and video suggestions for vacation rental marketers. PLUS
  • A series of videos on how to plan your content in advance with some of my favorite planning tools. PLUS
  • Graphics for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Instagram stories with templates you can customize. PLUS
  • Updated with new prompts and images for 2021!
  • Continual updates added throughout the year
  • Reminders and tips from me every season.

All for just $49!

A little more than $4 per month for a vacation rental specific content planning tool you will not find anywhere else.

You can check it out here ----> Social Media Suitcase

It's been available to my coaching students and here's what one of them had to say:

And one of last year's buyers:

Purchase this and get started planning your January content. Using the tools and ideas I provided your Facebook and Instagram feed will be better than ever!

~ Jodi

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