Book Direct Network - Have you Joined?

publishedover 2 years ago
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Happy Tuesday!

Last fall I was happily surprised when Damian Sheridan, founder of the "Book Direct Show" reached out to me about joining him and other industry experts on his new online learning network for vacation rental owners and property managers.

Wait, what.... you are asking ME to provide educational content for your members??!

What an honor! Of course, I said yes immediately!

Damian and I have chatted about the vacation rental industry and how there is so much information out there for owners and property managers that can be confusing and overwhelming.

Sometimes the information isn't the best or may be outdated.

And even though it is always good to learn from peers and other owners / property managers, it is also very good to learn about marketing from actual marketing experts.

Enter, The Book Direct Network! A community platform dedicated to direct booking strategies and education from vetted industry experts in many different areas and fields.

The Book Direct Network is currently free to join and already has several pieces of content for you to read, watch or listen to.

My first video, How To Use Facebook Groups To Market Your Vacation Rental, is available.

I've read some of the other posts and watched a few other videos. This is great information for owners and managers in all experience levels!

I hope you will join, please reply and let me know if you did!

I will be working on my next piece for the site later this week...Do you have any questions I can answer about content marketing, social media or Pinterest that would help you with your vacation rental marketing or website? I'd love to help answer your question there or on any of my social media channels!

~ Have a great rest of your week!


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